S2 Squash Online Summer Camps

S2 Squash is proud to launch our Online Summer Squash Camps.

The Camps will begin June 1 and run from 1:00pm until 4:00pm from Monday through Saturday.  We look forward to resuming “squads as usual” on court as much as everyone else and have been monitoring Governor Wolf’s orders, the CDC and guidelines from US Squash constantly.  Although the news is changing daily, it seems that even once courts officially open, that court usage and multi-player play may be heavily restricted for longer than any of us would like, hence our Summer Online Camps which will continue even when we get back on court.

S2 Squash is renowned for a holistic approach to player development and our on-line camps mirror that philosophy.  Every day will see aspects of the mental, physical, tactical and technical aspects of the sport taught by our five squash professionals.

Sign up for your S2 Squash Summer Online Camps here.

Sign up for your S2 Squash Summer Online Camps here.

Recommended equipment. 5 musts and 5 non-essential, but beneficial items. All items can be purchased on Amazon Prime (links below), free shipping and 3-5 days delivery.

1. Ladder and Agility Cones ($29.50)
2. Training Log and Food Journal ($26.95) or Notebook Journal ($8.15)
3. Speed Jump Rope $12.99 OR Smart (preferred) Jump Rope $39.99 

4. Indoor Squash Balls ($8.99 for 12) or Regular Indoor/Outdoor ($9.99 for 2)

5. Multi Surface Tape for court markings and targets ($5.64)

1. Hand clicker for Fitness Testing Counting ($6.99)
2. Stretch out band for Mobility/Cool Downs w/instruction $15.95
3. Resistance Bands – Strength and Resistance Training – $14.99 for 3 different weights
4. HR Monitor ($27.99 – $100+)
5. Dumbbells ($10.40 per set). Recommended advisory: U11 3-5lbs, U13 5-8lbs, U15 8-12lbs, U17 12-15lbs, U19 15-20lbs


Additionally, we are aware that several S2ozzies have already constructed temporary at-home courts in their garages, outdoor walls, and basements, which we will be incorporating for use in our summer camp activities. For those of you who are interested in building a temporary court at home, we will be sending out some basic “how-to” information and look forward to seeing all the creative ways in which our S2ozzies are improvising and adapting to the current circumstances. Note that our professionals are ready and able to give Zoom technical lessons on your home court or physical conditioning consultations, both via zoom, and you can find pricing and booking on the website.

If and when we can get back on courts safely, it currently seems that with safety measures and social distancing, that usage might be so restricted that at-home courts will be an important supplement to any court usage allowed for the intermediate term. We look forward to adding this feature into our summer programming, and can’t wait to see all the S2ozzie creativity unleashed!