S2 Methodology

Our methodology is based on the five pillars of athletic performance – PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, TECHNICAL, TACTICAL, and LIFE SKILLS.

The holistic curriculum stresses technical and tactical rehearsal, all the while uniquely profiling the specific off-court requirements of our sport. We analyze biomechanical movements and physiological and psychological demands to create on- and off-court training and conditioning programs, specifically targeted to the individual’s needs.

S2 Methodology makes strong links between private lessons, squads, and tournament mentoring.

  1. SOLO PRACTICE – Individual technical rehearsal on a specific stroke. Practice movement patterns into 6 areas of the court – back, middle and front (forehand and backhand).
  2. BLOCK PRACTICE – Advanced technical rehearsal on one specific shot integrating movement and an opponent. Use targets to access accuracy and precision of all 4 shots; drive, boast, drop and lob.
  3. ROUTINES – Set shots practiced in specific sequences contextualizing ‘set up,’ ‘initiating,’ or ‘follow up’ shots. Understand the role of a shot and how to ‘add value.’
  4. PATTERNS – Decision-making and Positional play. Understanding which shots to hit when in front or behind the opponent and become more unpredictable through improved anticipation and deception. Become expert problem solvers and decision-makers through Step 4.
  5. MODIFIED GAMES – Highlights importance of the first shot in a rally, the necessity to win serve vs. return exchange. Conditioned match play with restrictions to work on desired game plans or areas requiring attention.
  6. MATCH PLAY – Dress rehearsal of how you’d like to play in a tournament. Rehearse how to manage scorelines and adapting from your ‘A’ game to a ‘B’ if an adjustment to game plan is necessary.


or “pre-hab” (rather than injury “re-habilitation”) is one of the foremost keys to our long-term success. Injury prevention has ensured that our athletes are both able to enjoy the experience they deserve in the sport and to ensure they are available to train hard, while attaining the repetitions they need to excel.



Squash, by itself, does not always provide sufficient stimulus for developing athletes, and our off-court curriculum emphasizes muscle groups that are sometimes underutilized in the sport, in addition to progressing flexibility and stability. Our off-court training also has tremendous benefit for multi-sport athletes, improving not only their squash-specific capabilities, but assisting in making them better all-around athletes.


On average, S2 players take 1 private lesson each with an S2 coach, attend 4 squads per week and compete in 1 P2P (in house tournament) per month. We constantly evaluate and implement necessary changes into individual programming, but like to conduct formal review meetings once per quarter with parents (and child) to provide a progress report and review goal-setting. Our athletes and their needs are constantly evolving and this allows us to stay in sync with changing schedules, needs, and goals.