S2 Squash Home Concentration Challenge!

As all S2ozzies would be aware, we have used our BATAK as a big part of our SAS programming and specifically the Psychology Curriculum.  The BATAK is a modern version of number grids, which have been historically used to measure reactions and capacity to attenuate to a task.  Our online SAS curriculum is working on both their imagery and concentrations skills at the moment!

Today we are kicking off our “HOME CONCENTRATION CHALLENGE”.


  1. Click here to access a great online number grid maker!
  2. You’ll need to manually select FIVE (5) rows and FIVE (5) columns then click the “Get ready to concentrate” button
  3. From the moment you press the “Get ready to concentrate” button you are being timed!
  4. At the conclusion of your 25 targets, screen shot the time and submit via DM to the S2 Squash Insta!
  5. We’ll be keeping rankings for the different age groups as well as the overall – with S2 merch on the line!

A fun addition to the day, but with a real practical benefit in learning to concentrate on a given task and exclude the distractions of the world for a few moments…