S2ozzie has been proudly running one of the biggest and best programs in squash history for nine years. Integral to the program has been our strong sense of community, support and the capacity for our life long sport to act as a bond.

To celebrate our squash community, each Thanksgiving we invite our S2ozzie world back to the club for a light breakfast and to watch our Alumni Challenge! Paul and Lyall invite all our Alumni back to the club to participate in friendly challenge matches against our current players. We appreciate that our most senior graduates are often all over the world pursuing their careers and even our most recent graduates have academic constraints and family – but many return each year for fun, fellowship and inspiration. All are welcome and we celebrate the fact that squash is a sport for life – and even if the legs may not be quite as quick, the determination and sense of competition remain! For those current S2ozzies curious about college squash, our alums have been generous with their time and opinions – we have alums across all eight Ivy League Colleges and another twenty in the top 32 teams in the country, so their combined experiences of college recruiting and college squash life are an awesome bonus to our high schoolers looking for guidance.

Our Thanksgiving Alumni Day has a signature format. The club opens at 8:00am and we run a training squad for our current players from 8:30am until 9:30am. We conduct lineups for the All-Stars and Alum teams at approximately 9:15am and our goal is to be completing the morning by around 11:30am to allow family time. The All-Stars are selected by Lyall who acts as their Coach and Manager for the day and are primarily, but not exclusively our High School S2ozzies. The alums are coached by Paul, who reigns in his competitve spirit for the day… mostly.

After draws in 2016 and 2017 the Alums blew the doors off 2018 and it will be interesting to see the youngsters strike back this year!

As we always remind our S2ozzie world – come and train or just come and socialize, but definitely make time on your Thanksgiving morning to be a part of the S2ozzie community – an awesome group of young people that we are proud to know.