B03A579A-426D-47E8-8285-CC29B74AB839Halloween weekend arrived in spooktacular style, as almost 100 Scozzie’s split between the Shipley Silver and the Trick or Treat Fest at Fairmount AC. October has truly been a month to remember, with 5 events over the first 20 days; PA JCT, P2P #1 and 3 ‘out of state’ Golds. Headlines have included ‘Winnerston keeps winning’, as Winston won back to back JCT titles to start 2018/19 undefeated and in record breaking style. ‘Tremendous Tom’s Texas Triumph’, which saw Tom win the first ever TX Gold event in US Squash history. ‘Sam-ething Else’, as Sam defeated Coach Lyall to win Division 1 (there were 5 Divsional Winners) to lead the P2P Series after event #1… what would headline Halloween Weekend 2018, concluding a memorable month which will long live in the memories?!

‘Eagles excel in England’

‘Scozzie Coaches defeat Kids in Trick or Treat Dance Off 2018’

‘Is the Scozzie @Shipley Silver Instagram story the best ever?!’

Each of the above could have been a headlining piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Monday Morning, but it was our Shipley Silver performances topping the lot. We entered with 28 Scozzie’s in a field of 125+. We had the best fortnight of preparation training leading up to the event and have never been more ready. We only had one small issue… we had no top seeds. But ladies and gentleman, this is Philadelphia, home of the underdog achievers. Challenge accepted. Could anyone upset the odds and join Brandon Bin (BU11 winner @event 1 at EA) on the winners podium 2018 as a Silver Champion in PA.

We came so so close!

5C97B704-8432-476D-972A-DA6D9158BBE3Rishaan has been working his socks off in October and all the hard work paid off this weekend, with a first final in the BU11s. He won 3/1 in the quarter finals, defeated Peter 3/2 in an All Scozzie Epic semi final and then came up against the top seed in the final. He literally played the game of his life in game 1 winning 11/1 and stunned everyone watching. That level was going to be impossible to maintain, but he did an excellent job none the less. Games 2 and 3 were 11/9, 11/9 and unfortunately went the way of the opponent. Game 4 sealed it for the top seed and Rishan had to settle for a very respectable 2nd Place. Playing that well, in a final, was a testament to Rishan and he has a bright future ahead.

Next up, Ethan Lee. He reached the BU15 final whilst still in his down year and found his best form of the season in a 3/0 victory over Scozzie compatriot,

Ben, in the semi finals. The question was, could he maintain it in the final against the red hot top seeded favorite, who entered the event with a 0.5 rating advantage over the rest of the field. Well yes he could, and yes he did. Ethan matched and even out played his highly favored opponent throughout their 50 minute 5 set thriller. Unfortunately Ethan couldn’t quite force the epic upset, but the tournament was a big step forward and he proved he’s ready to take his game to the next level.

IMG_5927Next up, Sean Park. Reaching the final was a massive achievement in itself for Mr Park, as once again he found himself on the tough side of draw. In the quarter finals, he had to defeat a highly touted International player who was just recruited to The Hill School for squash. The five set victory was a huge one for Sean and you could see the confidence oozing thereafter. He went on to defeat the 3rd seed for a mere 11 points in the semi finals, Sean’s best performance of season and he was ready for a shot at the top seeded opponent in the final. Sean started slowly and it took him 2 games to fully adapt to a very tricky opponent who was playing at an extremely high level. In Game 3 Sean finally made the breakthrough, his pace and variety began to really trouble the tiring opponent and if Sean had converted his game ball, no one would have bet against a 5 game comeback win. Unfortunately Sean lost it 12/10 and had to join Rishan and Ethan as runners up on the podium. We’re very proud of all 3 boys, who played some of their best squash ever across the weekend and will know, bigger things are just around the corner.

Our final hopes rested with Corey K and Chase S, as both reached the semi finals in the BU13 and BU19 events, meaning Scozzie had semi finalists in every age division. Unfortunately both boys faced the eventual winner in the semi finals and despite a great fight, couldn’t quite produce the upset.

Despite missing out on the divisional titles, Scozzie still took home lots of Silverware across the 5 age groups (no girls U11 or U19)! Very well done to all our trophy winners who were not previously mentioned above;

U11 – Peter 4th PlaceIMG_5920

U13 – Alec Consolation Winner, Grant Classic Plate Runner Up, Lucy Plate 2 Winner and Henrietta Plate 3 Winner

U15 – Ben 4th Place

U17 – Charly Consolation Finalist 

U19 – Jimmy Plate Winner

So Octobers tournament schedule is officially wrapped up and we’re so impressed by all the improvements shown at each event. The Greenwich Gold and P2P Event #2 will kick off November, before JCT #3 arrives right before Thanksgiving and before school squash competition begins. We have two big training weeks ahead, can’t wait to kick off the new theme on Monday at the 4:15pm squad. See y’all there and well done once again to all our Silver competitors!