Details on our virtual squads this week…

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Squad kickoff time will remain at 3:30pm each day and the squads will run between 45-60 minutes.

The S2 Squash Online Academy basic details remained unchanged. ZOOM is our online home and our meeting ID will always be 499-499-2222. A reminder to follow our new Instagram page – s2squashonlineacademy for updates, codes and details.

Monday – Full Body Circuit for all S2 members
Be dressed in athletic attire, and if possible we’d like you to have a 12ft by 12 ft space. Make sure you’re hydrated and ready for an intense physical training session!

Tuesday – S2 Psychology Session for Gold and Platinum SAS Squads
We have the next installment in our S2 Squash Psychology Curriculum. A quiet background, a second device if possible, pen and paper… and bring your brains.

Wednesday – Yoga with Danielle for all our S2 members
We are lucky to have Ms. Danielle running everyone’s favorite off court!

Thursday – Scoz90x for SAS Gold and Platinum Squads
We continue our Scoz90x training, make sure you’re fueled, hydrated and ready for a tough physical session. The usual 12ft by 12ft area would be ideal, but everything can be adapted to the smallest spaces!

Friday – Psychology Session for all S2 members
A recap on our S2 Concentration Workshop. A quiet background, a second device if possible, pen and paper… and bring your brains.

Saturday – S2ozzie Fitness and Trivia Squad for all S2 members
The highlight of the week, so bring brains and legs!

Our online squads are currently the Coaches favorite times of day! We miss our coaching and understand that all of you miss your squash, and we’re all looking forward to Governor Wolf getting back on court in the near future. Signs seem good and the country seems to be slowly coming out of the pandemic. The Coaching team are all ready, the plans have been made and we’re going to come back better and stronger than ever!