Starting today the coaches are beginning a blog on training FAQ’s during our COVID-19 lockdown!  Please send questions or ideas for training blogs to us directly via INFO@S2SQUASH.COM and we’ll give you back our thoughts!

To kick off our QUARAN-TRAINING SERIES the questions is: “What do you think about running outside for squash training”?

Long story short, especially at this time, let’s not make the perfect the enemy of the good.  Exercise of any description is a great thing, and as long as you stick with our new paradigms of social distancing and run six feet away from your fellow man… let’s goooo!

In a strict periodized sense, for a squash player, running outside belongs in our summer block of training.  It helps to develop our energy systems, it utilizes muscles that may not get that much work on a squash court and psychologically it is refreshing to do something new and challenging.  The only demonstrable downside of running for a squash player is that it can cause injury if done to excess.

Recommendations for running outside are fairly simple.  I would never run more than three times a week, especially if you are not an “experienced runner” or have a multi-sport background.  I would run at 75% of your maximum, you should be able to speak, but not have long sentences at your disposal!  Thirty to thirty five minutes is more than adequate for your needs, and if you feel you haven’t achieved a workout in that time… you should have run a little faster!  🙂

Finally, be careful to warm up gently and cool down and stretch afterwards.  The last thing we need is any sort of cross training related injuries which may come to plague us when we get back into action!

We rest and we rust… keep active S2ozzies!