4C61638B-C3F3-48CB-814C-001A60A9074B Best Shot Ball fundraiser at @PCC, Cornell Alumni Event @Merion and several Silver and Bronze events in the surrounding states of PA! Event #7 was highly anticipated, with valuable ranking points on the line. We have Coaches Jamie and Sam sitting atop the standings, both with perfect 1000 point scores. Could anyone upset the odds, before both play off against each other in the season finale next month?! We incredibly had 46 players enter despite all the corresponding events and it was another tournament to remember. Awesome has officially been awarded to the month April, what an incredible 4 weeks it’s been from Silver Nationals-Bronze Nationals-S2’s first US Squash Silver-Penultimate P2P!

Division 5
A new winner was crowned for the first time, as a delighted Ajay won his first ever silverware in squash. Arguably our MIP of April, he’s put in endless hours of hard work improving his technique with Sam in lessons and furthermore in squads. The results were standout, he showcased incredible developments in all aspects of his game to steamroll Division 5, defeating Max R in an excellent final. Well done to William, who beat out Lucas for 3rd place.

Division 4
We go from an arguable MIP to an absolute unquestionable MVP – Lucy P! I’m not sure anyone has gone through a whole month unbeaten and won a National title alongside a P2P title, but somehow Lucy did this weekend! The hero from Silver Nationals back at the start of the Month, continued her scintillating form to defeat Dylan, Abby and Preston en route to winning the divisional title! No one can stop her currently, we’re so excited to see what level she can evolve her game to next month in May! Well done also to little brother Peter, who is another name for the future, winning 3rd place and a coveted S2 T-shirt instead of the normal bronze medal!

Division 3
Ronak played Ronakulous to win D3 and win his first ever P2P title. 8 days after celebrating his 13th birthday (and thank you for the cake, we loved it!), he defeated Jackson, Jason and then Branzino (Brandon’s new nickname!) in the final. He’s slowly started to develop the 3 C’s – control, consistency and composure into his super fast and dynamic game style and boy is he seeing the rewards! Well done RN! Also well done to Jason, who beat Kevin to win 3rd!

Division 2
Nayan looked unstoppable in D2, as he was crowned champion without dropping a game. He bounced back strongly after a heartbreaking qualifying loss in the deciding game to Melanie, defeating Charlie, Oliver and Bella en route to his first P2P Championship of the season. Bella did unbelievably well to reach the final, qualifying up by defeating Jason and then winning 2 more matches as the underdog to reach the final! Another recent birthday girl, who’s already looking like a U15 ready player! Oliver beat Jake in the 3/4 play off battling a hand injury to complete the podium standing.

Division 1
Sean Park was crowned D1 king after beating Ethan 3/0 in the final. Sean has a tough qualifying loss, but went full steam ahead to win 800 points and a nice glass trophy for his bedroom windowsill! Ethan came 2nd and Braden won out 3rd against U13 Gold Nationals finalist – Brandon W.

Premier Division
A stacked top tier brought some nerves to a normal unhinged Coach Sam. He knew the pressure on the line, nothing apart from 1st place would do, as he couldn’t afford to slip behind Coach Jamie atop the rankings. But he delivered a masterclass throughout the event, defeating Albert, Mitav and Matt in the final to win his 3rd event of the season! Matt reached his first ever P2P final by defeating Corey in the semis and Mitav won 3rd. Shoutout to Austin for some of the best squash seen throughout the day and to Albert and Winston for playing out a thrilling 5/6 play off in one of the last matches of the day.

So 7 events down, only 1 remains! The season finale will be conducted on May 18th, be sure not to miss out. This final event is more highly anticipated than the Avengers Endgame this past weekend, who will be crowned – Jamie or Sam! Will there be a spoiler in the semi final or quarters to prevent the grandstand finale?! Stay tuned for the latest ranking release on Monday am to see where the 115 players are positioned going into the grand finale!