A New Year’s Resolution is a tradition whereby a person resolves to improve their life, either by addition or subtraction of different behaviors. Studies have suggested that a resolution made in the New Year period are significantly more likely to be kept than those at other times of year. With all this in mind… what are your New Year’s Resolutions?

As a principle, I’d always suggest that you write down your resolutions. As with goals, resolutions work best using the SMART anagram – old fashioned, but still useful! For those who haven’t been to S2 Summer Camps SMART stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time bound

One of the things that almost all of the sport psychology world agrees upon is that goal setting is the cornerstone of motivation… and by happy coincidence, resolutions are some of the best goals!

As a digression, Japanese business culture fascinates me, and one of the great philosophies that it espouses is that of kaizen. Literally translated kaizen means “improvement” and the message is one of continuous improvement of working practices, and personal efficiency. Groovy! Works for business, works for sport, works for kids, works for adults and hopefully it resonates with all our highly motivated S2ozzies!

As an action point, take some time this December to craft some resonant resolutions (RR)! Resonant in this context means something that will get your excited, the hairs on your neck standing up, or at the very least, give you an option to make yourself proud of yourself! Craft some ideas, share the drafts with Mom and Dad, your coach, the family pet if necessary, but please make the time. If you’re struggling, speak with me and I’ll give you the S2ozzie Goal Setting Template, which might assist the process a little!

In squads I frequently speak about mindfulness, about being present during squads and reflective afterwards… now is a great time to further energize that process!

Happy New Year everyone!


Director and Head of S2’s Platinum Program, Paul is an Australian with an extensive playing background, top level coaching qualifications from Australia, Asia, and England, a Master’s degree in Psychology, and over 25 years’ experience coaching elite level players.