C4736709-5B30-4FD7-A2B5-B8D7799BC3F1Wow… what an epic season 2018/19 has been and where to begin when retelling the roller coaster story. The final chapter was obvious enough – The Cynwyd Gold was perfectly placed over MDW to conclude 9 months of action and gave every S2ozzie the opportunity to end their seasons in style. The competition was tough, if not tougher than ever before and we would have to step up to the plate to achieve the success we’d strived for. Could we have a first ever S2 PA Gold Champion?! How many top 10’s could we place in the toughest Gold of the season, and concluding our 8th season since the programs foundation in 2011?! Read on to hear all about Cynwyd, plus bonus features on all of our All Americans, Season Award Winners and Graduating Class of 2019.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Well it was Memorial Day weekend, what better way to cap it than to grill a chicken dinner outside in the scorching 70 degree heat! The metaphor was appropriate for our 4 finalists, who navigated their way through extremely difficult draws toCDD795AE-2E0B-41E5-A825-612437F31A75 reach the finals on Sunday afternoon. The heroes of the moment were Tom and Blake, who won the U19 and U13 Divisions. Tom was quite simply incredible, as he defeated two higher ranked and rated 5.5+ players in the semis and then the finals to win his first ever Gold event title. The final itself was a 1 hour war, with both players having to dig deeper than they’ve ever done before. Naturally, Tom once again prevailed and this mans journey from winning Silver Nationals in 2018 from 14th seed position to now winning a U19 Gold has been an incredible rise to stardom. His resilience and mental toughness have always been recognized as untouchable strengths, but now he’s added volleys, an attacking array to the front and improved consistency with the driving game. Diagnosing weaknesses is now incredible tough, and his Gold success is just the beginning for the rising EA senior, we can’t wait to see what the 2019/20 season brings for him! 
Blake came in as the top seeded U13 and represented that way all weekend. He played out an epic 12/10 in the 5th battle in the semis, to then win the final 3/1 against one of the most improved players in the US this season. His performance in the final was tremendously calculated and executed, as he cleverly adapted his tactics to outthink his opponent throughout the match using a fantastic selection of shots and combinations. Massive congratulations to both Tom and Blake – our first ever Gold S2 Champions!
Fantastic Finalists
You can’t win everyone, but Matt and Maya both had heartbreaking losses in their U17 finals. Both came in as underdogs against the top seeded player in the draw and knew they had a mountainous challenge ahead. Maya was lights out in games 1 and 2, as she raced into a 2-0 lead. 8 minutes later, that lead increased even further and she stood a 2-0 10-9 Championship Point. Her opponent was seeded 1 and top 20 in the country for a reason and the resilience she showed to fight back from there was hugely impressive. Maya ended up losing in 5, but put up one heck of a fight and was only 1 point away from a Gold title after only aging up this month. 
Matt had an miraculous comeback himself in the semi finals of the BU17, clawing it back from 2-0 down to and saving multiple match balls in the process, to finally prevail 12/10 in the 5th. That was the last match of the evening for S2ozzies and it was a fitting finale to what we called Super Saturday! Unfortunately the heroics of Saturday evening took its toll on Matt’s body and he didn’t quite have the energy reserves required to replicate the intensity and apply the pressure he did 15 hours previously. Despite this, he still had game balls in 1 and 3 and had he converted any of those, it could have been a different story. A solid weekend however for the young man and this result will propel his towards a top 20 ranking before he enters his up year next season. Big things ahead for Matt and Maya and we’re very proud of your efforts and achievements.
13 in the Top 10 – Not an unlucky number after all!
So far, we have 2 winners and 2 finalists. Colten and Rehgan made it a family double for both reaching the semi finals of the 16E0A089-529F-49F6-9AEC-261DD600CD41U13’s. Super Sameer had a phenomenal Sunday, as he defeated fellow S2ozzie Nikhil in Classic Plate semis, before defeating the number 2 seed and only dropping 15 points total! A statement win for Sameer and he can be proud if his 5th place finish, only losing to S2 mate Tom in the quarters over the weekend. Aiden overcame a disappointing loss to Colten in the quarters, to storm back and win the BU13 Classic Plate and 5th Place. Dhivya and Mitav both came 7th in the GU19s and Bu17’s. Max had another rollercoaster weekend, making it to the Consolation Finals for the second successive Gold! 6 matches over 2.5 days is no easy feat, but once again Max was up for the challenge. A tough draw saw him paired with Blake in an All S2ozzie 2nd round, before he won through to the Consol Finals. Winston was the last man standing, as the U13 number 1 in the country played up 2 age divisions to the U17s and have a fantastic run to Consolation Finals. He completed the run with a 3/1 victory in the final and and sealed the 13th S2 Top 10 finish! An unlucky number for most, but not for our S2 guys…. What an incredible achievement, we’re exceptionally proud of y’all!! 
All Americans
A massive congratulations to Meghna Sreedhar, Christian Shah and Shaam Gambhir on receiving All American Honors for the 2018/19 season for finishing in the top 4 of the U17 and U19 Divisions respectively. These 3 will go into the history books as S2’s first All Americans since its evolution from Scozzie in March 2019!

It’s one of the most prestigious achievements in the country and we’re extremely proud of these lifelong Scozzie’s who have been in the program since the U11 division. It makes 7 All Americans in 24 months, after Elle Ruggiero (Princeton), Eric Kim (Yale), Peter Miller (UVA) and Meghna Sreedhar received the honor in 2017/18 and our 17th since Scozzie was founded in 2011.
Season Stats
4C61638B-C3F3-48CB-814C-001A60A9074BWe incredibly had 48 S2 members participate in either the Gold, Silver and Bronze National Championships.
We had 19 Gold Tournament Winners (including Tom and Blake becoming S2’s first!!!) and 27 PA Silver Winners.
On top of those incredible statistics, we had a total of 101 P2P participants in the 5th Annual Series, won by our very own Sam Fenwick! Huge congratulations to everyone for another record breaking season of successes and achievement. We’ve learnt lots from all the experiences and can’t wait to spend 3 months of summer making all the appropriate adjustments and corrections, before coming back stronger for 2019/20 season! 
Graduating Class 2019
As well as celebrating another memorable year, May is always an emotional time as we say farewell to our graduating seniors and wish them all the very best moving onto the  next chapter in college. The class of 2019 will be especially tough as we see Teddy Eill and Zoe Quayle (F&M), Alexis Shatzman (Cornell), John Sutherby (Wesleyan), Phil Lee (Colby), Lauren Weil IMG_1008(Amherst), Corey Kovalovich (Ohio State), who combined have been in the program for a total of 44 years!!! Also, a massive congratulations to the College Classes of 2019 who graduated this week from their respective schools. Our graduating class of 2015 was the biggest ever, proud of those guys and excited to see what the next chapter brings moving into the real world!
Our last week of the Phase kicks off tomorrow with a special MD Squad from 10:00-11:30. Can’t wait to see everyone there and let’s enjoy the final week before Summer Camps commence!