aaThe holiday season would not be complete without Scozzie closing out the year with the Berwyn Holiday Silver. Always a classic for our hard-working Scozzies eager to compete and put on display their year of training over winter “break”, 2018 was no exception as Scozzie took the field by storm in a weekend to remember.

The pressure was on from the start with Sean, Arjun and Brandon entering the event as top-seeded players. With the weight of expectation on their shoulders, our Scozzie contingent remained cool and collected as they went to work from Friday’s early 9am kick-off.

Arjun made a dominant run through to the BU15 title with absolutely no sign of slowing down. Accurate and varied driving, smart attacks short, and few errors allowed Arjun to lead the way and take home top honors in straight sets all the way through without a single sign of weakness, dropping at the most only 8 points in a game. A strong performance and a sign of excellent form heading into the Scozzie Gold next weekend!

Similarly, Sean made a strong start to the weekend playing at an absolutely relentless pace, rolling off his opponents while conceding only 22 points on his way to the final. The championship match was a different story though, with Sean being forced to weather a constant barrage of accurate attacks short. Breaking from his typical attacking game plan, Sean adjusted beautifully to contain his opponent and mount his own counter-attack. His patience paid off, grinding out the victory in five hard-fought games on the way to his first career title. Great work, Sean, surely the first of many more!

Brandon, one of Scozzie’s most enthusiastic young players, entered the BU11 draw as the youngest Scozzie representative. With a solid game plan of consistent positional squash and the confidence of the previous weeks and months of training and learning back at the ranch, Brandon marched through three days of round robin play to fulfill his seeding and take home the gold in his division. No better confidence booster leading into the Scozzie Gold, Brandon’s last event before aging up and taking on the BU13 division!

Bella and Lindsay represented Scozzie in the GU13 and GU15 divisions. Lindsay struck first, dominating her opponents with her physical driving game and strong T presence. Full and accurate driving from behind and a severe kill from in front proved too much for her opponents to cope with. Lindsay’s title marks her second consecutive first-place finish at the Berwyn Holiday Silver – looking forward to next year’s title defense!

Bella rounded out this weekend’s winners with her championship run in the GU13 division, which was also her first-ever first-place tournament finish! With an excellent exercise over the weekend in settling down early nerves and finishing strong in each of her matches, Bella was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief and raise the trophy after a hard-fought 4-set final late Saturday afternoon. Keep up the great work!

With our five champions earning their well-deserved laurels, there were a number of other Scozzie performances worthy of recognition as well. A gritty effort from Chase who battled through illness and a tough loss in the semifinal to bounce back and take third in an excellent performance on Sunday. Well-done to Colten and Reghan who finished third and second, respectively – both playing up an age group for some excellent experience. Finally, a great tournament for off-court MVP Kevin, who matched his best-ever finish in a silver.

Last matches wrapped up at 11:30 and our Scozzies were far from finished. A big shout-out to Sean, Brandon, and Bella who, never content with just a taste of success, turned up to train at the 2pm squad later in the day. Love to see the effort and enthusiasm – hours after winning a tournament!

If that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, all eyes turned to watch Nick Foles and the Eagles shut out the Redskins, keeping the season alive with some help from Chicago’s win over Minnesota! It’s been a fantastic few days, but it’s only built up the anticipation for next weekend… Which of our Berwyn Champs will step up and shine at the Scozzie Gold? Will our Eagles take another step toward a Super Bowl repeat in their Wild Card Weekend matchup in Chicago? Stay tuned.. we can hardly wait!

Coach Jason